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Orit Vibes Trill™

Peace! I’m Orit Vibes, a multi-disciplinary artistic soul: Music, Singer-Songwriter, Actress, Poet, Dancer— CREATOR made, Mama Spirit led, Ancestor encircled. I’m of Ethiopian Jewish and African American decent. I believe there are no contradictions in the bottomless. My musical landscape is BLACK Power, BLACK Rest & Relaxation, BLACK Spirituality—Pan AFRICAN LIFE. I want to create a vibe that teaches, uplifts, heals and empowers BLACK Folk. I want to reconnect ourselves to all of ourselves. My sound is wavy— intense chill, African-Age both new and ancient—always jazz, always soul, always unique. Not boxed in but definitely energetically recognizable. It gotta have that Orit Vibes essence…but looking to grow the sound into all it’s destined to be. I looking for BLACK Folk who are feeling what I’m trying to convey in these words, and would like to become members of The Orit Vibes Trill— create something that will help our community and empower all generations to relearn and remember. If interested in auditioning, please email me:

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