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I AM expanding
into the bottomless of G-D...

Orit Vibes™ is a published author of nonfiction and poetic works, as well as an accomplished singer/songwriter, actress, modern dancer, all around creative, activist, and healer. Her creative lens is filtered through SPIRIT, Truthtelling, BLACK Womanhood, Freedom Fighter inclinations and Healing.


Orit Vibes™ approaches life through an authentic Ancestral context, and is fearless in confronting systematic racism and oppression from the root. Whether creative works or direct action, Orit Vibes™ seeks to help the African Diaspora and the African Continent unite to dismantle local and global systematic oppression .  


Early Life

ORIT was born in Columbus, Ohio and is of African-American and Ethiopian Jewish descent. She was raised in a historically BLACK community within the Wilberforce/Xenia, Ohio area. This historically BLACK community is the home to two of the first (Private & Public) historically BLACK Universities, and was a major station in the underground railroad.


Orit Vibes™was always involved in the arts from a young age; especially theatre, dance, and singing. She was fortunate to have experienced instructors who gave her a good foundation and the confidence to be as creative as possible. Her journey as a poet began when her 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Onder, successfully submitted two of her poems for publishing. Through Mrs. Onder’s mentorship, she discovered her unique voice as a writer and was encouraged to never water it down. 


Education and Creative Training

As an adolescent, Orit Vibes™ honed her artistic abilities by training with the Dayton Ballet among other dance/musical collaboratives, choreographing pieces for arts organizations, and participating in extensive theatrical trainings at every opportunity. At the age of seventeen, Orit Vibes™ dreams of becoming a professional artist were slightly thwarted as she was steered to attended Xavier University of Louisiana to pursue Mass Communications. Orit Vibes™ eventually went back to Ohio to attend The Ohio State University where she studied Theatre and Dance. Upon completion of her journey at Ohio State, she then continued her theatre arts training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.


Spiritual Transformation

In the midst of her early life successes, Orit Vibes™ encountered a life-changing spiritual awakening that caused her to re-evaluate her current path and intent as an artist. During this time of spiritual transition, Orit Vibes™ took a break from performing in order to become more holistically in tune with her true self. After a season of cultivating life experiences both domestically and abroad, Orit Vibes™ returned to the arts with a rightly centered purpose that entertains whilst boldly proclaims unapologetic truths to her audiences.


On this journey of spiritual regeneration, Orit Vibes™ also began to have an overflow of musical intuition in the area of songwriting. Orit Vibes™ has traditionally focused on singing, until in 2005, when she discovered she also possesses the gift of music composition. Now, she holds an expanding collection of 80 songs that touch on every aspect of life unabashedly...Heavily influenced by  her West African and Hebraic East African Spiritual Roots, with a huge emphasis on intuiting SPIRIT. Orit Vibesdoesn't find any contradictions or shame in the beauty of the flavorings of life. She believes that no one group or label has all the truth, and that there are no contradictions in the bottomless!


Orit Vibes™ embraced her destiny as a freedom fighter from the early age of six. Her own continual exposure to overt and micro-aggressive racism in elementary school ignited her warrior spirit, and that flame still continues to light her path.


Orit Vibes™ has aided people in escaping cults, she has organized and participated in various BLACK liberation movements( including the current Movement for Black Lives and Ferguson Rebellion), and she continues to find ways to teach and participate in communal edification of BLACK Peoples both domestic and abroad. Orit Vibes has been proclaimed as a warrior and healer by those she struggled and built with. She has strategized many plans and actions for those fighting white supremacy, colonization, and antiblackness around the world. She prefers to act as a strategist that maintains a low profile, and as a result, many activists have unknowingly used her frameworks.


Orit Vibes is based out of NYC and is continually striving to find ways to have a revolutionary modus operandi, yet be in harmony with all that she is and all that she is growing to be. 




















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